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How Well Does a TRR-6 Rail Mount Gun Light on Glock 17 Work?

How well does a TRR-6 rail mount gun light on Glock 17 go? Well, I purchased this particular rail mount gun light back in October of 2021. I had bought the handgun and was debating whether or not I wanted to purchase it. Some kind of dedicated laser aiming device. If I wanted to use the general Aiming Systems Aiming Brothers Laser Tag Gun. This particular model came with a laser aiming device already installed, so that wasn’t a concern for me.

TRR-6 Rail Mount Gun Light on Glock 17

Your Glock has a rail on it, then this is the TRR-6 Rail Mount Gun light you need! This item fits all Glocks with Rails – G17, 19, 22, 23, 20, 21, 34, 35, 31, 32, etc. Also fits Gen 3, 4, and Gen 5.

The Streamlight TLR-6 for Standard and Compact railed handgun is made from black polymer. And literally looks as though it belongs on your Glock!

Combining both a brilliant, 100 lumen white light with a red targeting laser literally gives you the best. The best of both worlds in a single, compact unit.

Laser Loaded with a Red Dot

I do, however, have to carry a spare laser loaded with a Red Dot type laser. Since the Aiming System is permanently attached to my M2S shotgun. When I decided to purchase this particular rail-mounted light. How well does a TRR-6 rail mount gun light on Glock 17 illuminates the target at night?. Well, the brightness of the light is truly phenomenal. And it easily can burn the back or the front of your targets in a matter of seconds. You will also be impressed with the cool tactical red dot sight that comes standard on the Aiming system. And it is easily one of the best sights you could ever buy for your shotgun.

The only real downside to owning this particular model gun. The model gun is that they are extremely heavy when compared to most common pump guns. However, the weight does make it much easier to handle when using it. Since it has a great deal more power than other models of airsoft mini-shoots. If you are interested in purchasing a quality red dot sight on your regular shotgun. As well as an adjustable distance scope, then this is definitely the model you want to get. Regardless, of whether you are interested in how well does a tlr-6 rail mount gun light on Glock 17 works. If you just want something that looks really nice (and shoots real fast). So, you will definitely be happy with this model.


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