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Nightstick Compact Weapon Light | Full Size Glocks

The Nightstick Compact Weapon Light combines a powerful laser sight with full size glocks and a powerful rechargeable battery. The light weight, compact design makes it perfect for use in any situation where you might need a hands-free weapon. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes it a great choice for those who are more physically fit. And comfortable using a regular-sized weapon. The lightweight and compact size allow the Nightstick to be carried around without adding too much weight to the user’s hands or too much bulk to the weapon itself.

Instruction About Battery

The patented Continuous-On Flashlight is an innovative attachment. That allows the Nightstick Compact Weapon Light to be used as

  • a fully functioning
  • automatic tactical flashlight
  • even when the battery is dead

When the battery is dead, the push-button constant-on flashlight attached to the top of the unit will automatically turn on and illuminate the area for you. In addition, the constant-on flashlight provides you with more than enough light to help you find your way through the dark.

Six Individually Controlled Luminous Target

The Nightstick Compact Weapon Light comes equipped with six individually controlled luminous target indicators for use as an actual target. The target indicators include a ring for the closest target,

  • a bull’s eye for the center of the circle nearest the shooter
  • a crosshairs outline for the side and rear of the target
  • and finally, a larger circle that targets the front edge of the target
  • about an inch from the front edge. In addition to the ring and bull’s eye
  • the ring and crosshairs target indicators provide a target reticule
  • which can be used as either a target or a reference point

This is a great feature that makes using the compact light strobe possible. You can hold the Nightstick Weapon Light as still as you hold a pistol, and you’ll be able to target any part of the target that you want to. It’s truly ideal for any individual who needs to be able to use a compact weapon light in a variety of situations.

Best Features of the Nightstick Compact Weapon Light

One of the best features of the Nightstick Compact Weapon Light that is full size glock is the fact that it is an excellent choice for both personal and professional use. As an individual, you can attach the weapon light to a key chain and carry it in your pocket, making it extremely easy to operate at all times.

Its six separate targets make it easy to keep track of multiple targets at once. While its two individually adjustable brightness levels allow you to adjust them for even a dimmer light source. In addition to being an excellent choice for personal and professional use. The  Weapon Light can also be used with a number of different devices, including a stun gun, or pepper spray.

Replacement of Rechargeable Battery

The Nightstick Compact Weapon Light is not a self-contained unit. To fire it, you must remove one end of the rechargeable batteries from the Nightstick itself. The rechargeable batteries are designed to be attached to any normal type of rechargeable power cord. Making it very easy to transport the device or place it in the location where you need to use it. A self-contained device like this will take much longer to charge than a handheld weapon light. For this reason, it may be better to purchase a Nightstick weapon light that has a rechargeable battery already built into the device.

Compact Weapon Light Shortcoming

The Nightstick Sub-Compact Weapon Light and Nightstick Compact Light does have some shortcomings, however. While its six separate targets offer a great deal of versatility in terms of where they can be used. So, they are small and cannot be used to target someone over a great distance. Additionally, this compact light is only able to be used with one hand at a time. This makes it impractical for situations where you might need to quickly attack someone with your other hands. If you plan on using this light against a large number of people. You should invest in a separate hand-held device that can provide more flexibility.


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