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The Micro RONI Stabilizer offers improved shooting accuracy since it allows one-handed fire. It also has a hook and loop fastening that allows for a personalised fit.

The Micro RONI Stabilizer, with its aluminium body and polymer grip, is manufactured only for the US market.

The Micro Roni II is here! Our old conversion kits have been upgraded into the best conversion kit available.

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The Micro RONI Stabilizer gen 4 fits the operator’s firearm and allows one-handed shooting of the Micro RONI Recon, which minimizes accuracy-robbing spin and shift. Single-handed shooting performance, accuracy, and recoil may all be enhanced with the Micro RONI Gen 4. The nylon and hook and loop fastener cuff with adjustable features give each user a unique fit. Designed initially for injured soldiers and those who were unable to handle a weapon, this design is now used by all shooters, in addition to individuals with disabilities who hold dear their gun rights. High-quality elastic polymers are used to achieve precise tolerances in RONI-STAB. A durable, highly portable, and compact base for your Glock 17/19 handgun.

Spec of Micro Roni Stabilizer Gen 4

  • Micro RONI’s lightweight frame folds, allowing it to be stored in a compact space. It comes with a flexible brace.
  • Hinged brace with a right-hand folding configuration
  • No disassembly of the gun is necessary. Place the contents of the kit into the clamp.
  • It provides a Picatinny rail that’s long. Enables the connection of two devices
  • has two additional Picatinny rails, one on each side, for mounting extra gear
  • Trigger-guard safety with ambidextrous handling
  • Integral front tactical light (Not Included)
  • flip-up sights in front and back (Not Included)


  • Width: 2.48″
  • Height: 5.70″
  • Length: 13.70″
  • Length Open Brace (cm): 47.6
  • Length Folded Brace (cm): 34.8

Micro Roni Gen 4 Stabilizer Compatible With specific Glock

  • Compact Glock 19 – 9x19mm
  • Glock 23 – .40
  • S&W & Glock 32 —
  • 357 SIG – .40 S&W
  • Glock 19X Gen 5
  • Full-Size Glock 17 – 9x19mm,
  • Glock 22 – .40
  • S&W & Glock 31 — 357 SIG – .40 S&W
    This version is also compatible with TRUGLO® TFX
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Designed mainly for the US market, the Micro RONI Stabilizer is made with aluminum and a polymer body made for various Glocks.