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Mos Glock 43x

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Buy Glock 43x Mos Online in Texas

The Glock 43X MOS features a small subcompact barrel length and a nicely balanced, flexible compact-size grip with a low profile. Buy Glock 43x Mos 9mm Online in Texas. It combines characteristics of the Slimline series, such as:

  • the low trigger distance
  • a frame with a built-in beavertail
  • as seen on the G43 and G42
  • and a reversible magazine catch

The thin magazine is constructed in the trusted GLOCK style, and it has an orange magazine follower for increased visibility. It was specially designed to accommodate the 10 round magazine capacity. The frame incorporates elements of the Gen 5 and Slimline series such as the short trigger distance, a frame with a built-in beavertail, a reversible magazine catch, and the incredibly accurate, match-grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) and precision-milled front serrations.

G43x Mos 19mm Specification

SystemSafe Action®
Mag. CapacityStandard: 10
Barrel Length87 mm | 3.41 inch
without magazine
461 g | 16.26 oz
with empty magazine
526 g | 18.55 oz
with loaded magazine
651 g | 22.96 oz
Trigger Pull24 N

Slide & Sights Glock 43X Mos for Sale

Front serrations on the Glock 43’s characteristic “slim” slide The original G43 didn’t have serrations.

The  GLOCK mos ever! Slim and polymer frame with GLOCK good and single stack magazine; Built-in beaver tail design. GLOCK slimline, concealed carry illustration.

Glock stock sights, but we added XS tritium night sights.
The XS sights have a large blaze orange dot in front of a smaller tritium glowy dot.

The XS sights are a good upgrade for a carry gun.
The Glock 43X mos front frame is a standard Glock railed frame.

Notably, the rail itself is not a Picatinny-style attachment system. Our TLR7s and 8s aren’t compatible.
You’ll need a G43X-specific TLR6, for example.

The G43x adds a tenth of an inch to the distance between the gun’s backstrap and the trigger’s apex.
Although subtle for some, it should provide a more natural angle.

Trigger & Glock Marksmanship Barrel

The G43X uses the same Glock Marksmen Barrel technology as all Gen 5 Glocks.
The GMB allegedly improves accuracy. That may or may not matter to you.
I’d wager that most people aren’t constrained by the accuracy of older Glock barrels.

Let us now discuss the trigger…

I’ll start by saying I’m probably spoiled by my Glock. It has a 3.5-pound Apex trigger.
So, with that in mind…the G43X is spongey.

But that’s standard with any Glock. Yes, even a fancy upgraded Glock has some residual sponginess.

That is the Glock penance we accept.
The 5.4-pound trigger has a short take-up before walling. You have a few millimeters before the break.
No complaints about how Reset feels and sounds.
While I had minor issues with the gun’s trigger, I’ll leave the decision to replace it up to you.

However, there is a valid argument for leaving critical trigger components stock on guns intended for daily carry.

Why Buy G43X in USA and Glock 43X Mos Grip

First, Glock changed the grip. It’s still a tenth of an inch thicker than the original G43, but it’s now an inch longer.

This means you can hold the pistol with three fingers without the magazine.

That idea came from Glock’s G19X programme, which was submitted for a recent US Army pistol contract.

The G19X’s combination of a full-sized Glock 17 chassis with a small Glock 19 slide became very popular.

We suspect it may have influenced Glock’s choice to use the same design approach in their hidden line of weapons.

The grip itself has been lengthened, allowing for a greater hold on the pistol than its predecessor.

The strong beaver tail at the back of the grip enables you to raise your hand higher on the frame than normal.

For the G43X, Glock removed the finger grooves. Considering I’m used to them on my G17, this full removal of the finger grooves works nicely.

Magazine Release

The magazine release is wider than a full-size Glock.

It can allegedly flip for left-handed shooters. But we didn’t get to test it.

For a pistol this tiny, the mag release spring is heavy.

I assume it’s to reduce the risk of the gun’s magazine sliding into your trousers while hidden.

So upon reloading, I actually yeeted my expended magazines out of the frame.

Long-term usage will likely fix this issue when the spring breaks in. So it won’t be a big issue.

When I initially pressed the mag release, nothing occurred.

MOS Optics Attachment System

We chose the G43X MOS, which is an optics-compatible version of the G43X. In essence, the back of the slide has been pre-cut to accommodate Glock’s MOS optic attachment system.

Continue reading to find out how this worked on the range, but for now, just know that I like having the option of using a red dot on the G43X pistol.

The platform performs an adequate job of supporting the red dot without crossing the line into the territory of being too large to be concealed.

To the Range with the G43X Mos

But, when everything is said and done, if the pistol doesn’t fire, none of that matters, right?

Fortunately, we were able to put a few hundred rounds through the G43X without experiencing any problems.

Even while using the feared, chalky Winchester white box 9mm ammunition, the G43X performed well.

I would argue that the G43X is considerably more controlled than something like Sig’s P365, even if it feels very fast — which is exactly what you’d expect from anything in the sub-compact category.

Obviously, something like the P365XL would be a better 1:1 comparison, but that is just my opinion.)

After a short amount of deliberation, we were able to zero the Shield optic, but after seeing bullets miss their intended targets by a significant margin, we discovered that the mounting screws had shifted out of position.

Make certain to Loctite the mounting screw when connecting a red dot to a pistol, in case you are inexperienced with the procedure.

This little action will go a long way toward avoiding the red dot from being dislodged while you are firing.

G43X started to shine

Following a thorough tightening of the screws and a double-check of our zero, the G43X started to shine once again.

As a caveat, I am by no means a specialist in the field of handguns, and my skill level falls squarely in the “average” category.


However, after I had the G43X up to speed, I found that operating the plate rack was very simple. I was able to connect several hits on 15-yard steel with little difficulty.


Note that if you ride your thumbs high on the frame as I do, there is almost no possibility that you will be able to get the slide to lock on that final round….


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