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Glock 19 Gen 4 Caa Micro Roni


Caa Micro Roni Glock 19 Gen 4

Caa Micro Roni Glock 19 Gen 4 “Summer ’17” Limited Edition that you have been hearing about. For your better grip, stability, and platform to many accessories micro Roni gen 4 especially come in filed. So, it is best for a greater effective range, faster aiming, and better accuracy with your pistol.

Part #: MIC-RONI 17 – 17, Glock 22, 31,

Part #:  MIC-RONI 17 – 17,22,31

Colour: Black, Light Yellow, Gray

Compatible: It is compatible with Gen 3 and Gen 4

Not Fits Glock Caa Roni stab: Glock 23, Glock 27

Feature And Advantages

  • The most cost-effective conversion kit
  • Quickest conversion kit accessory on the market today
  • Toolless installation and no pistol inaccessibly required
  • Very compact and light-ideal for concealed carry
  • Dramatically reduces recoil
  • The tremendous increase in inaccuracy
  • Ergonomic and user Friendly
  • Ambidextrous
  • Long top and various slighting device mount Picatinny rail.
  • Side accessory Picatinny rail
  • Folding stock non-slip butt pad (SBR model)
  • Fully functional with stock
  • Full auto selector switch
  • Flip up sights

Part Index of Caa Micro Roni Glock 19 Gen 4

There is important to know about all the part indexes of this product. So below data will show all names of this product.

  1. Integral light and sleeve
  2. Barrel Shroud
  3. Accessory side-rails
  4. Font folding sight
  5. Upper accessory sight
  6. Red dot light
  7. Frame
  8. Rear folding sight
  9. Stock locking sight
  10. Folding stock
  11. Rubber butt pad
  12. One Point Sling
  13. Sling swivel Insert
  14. Sling swivel
  15. Pistol Insertion hatch/door
  16. locking Button
  17. Charging Handle
  18. Slide release
  19. front Grap and extraction meg carrier
  20. Trigger guard Cover
  21. light extraction button
  22. Light sleeve locking lever
  23. Right and left thumb rests
  24. Light activation push button

Caa Micro Roni Installation with Glock 19

Most people don’t know how to install the micro Roni Glock 19 after buying it for the author gun shop. So, the author gun shop will provis=de you all knewlegde steps. Follow these steps to install it.

  • Step#1: Make sure that your pistol’s medal appears on the muzzle. Otherwise do not try to install it into the micro Roni Don’t use any pistol unless it is late
  • Step#2: Push and hold the locking button16. Pull back the insertion hatch door
  • Step#3: Put down open the insertion hatch door 15 to fully extraction
    Slid out the charging handle
  • Step#4: Pull the charging handle 17 over the pistol cocking serration and rear sight
  • Step#5: Insert the pistols into the micro Roni at the angle illustration above and the charging handle 17 in the direction of the arrow above
  • Step#6: Close the insertion hatch door and push it forward tip click and lock on its Locking pin. make sure that the locking button extraction
  • Step#7: To draw out the pistol, first follow steps #2 and #3. To unlock it. Push down simultaneously the extraction button. From both sides left and right only pistol out.


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