MCK CAA Gen 2 Glock Micro Conversion Kit


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CAA MCK Gen 2 Micro Conversion Kit

The CAA MCK Gen 2 micro conversion kit is the advanced and newest version. Even more, compact advanced upgrade mck micro conversion kit that is custom fits any user. That transforms your gen5 or Glock 23, or Glock 22.40cal, 22 gen5, or Glock 17 9mm into a compact.  And also combat-worthy, user-friendly mini carbine within no time. The MCK CAA system is a weapon light platform that provides

  • improved stability
  • increased range
  • faster aiming
  • And better accuracy up to 200 yards

It eliminates the need for expensive optics while delivering the same level of functionality. The CAA MCK allows you to keep the same pistol you are familiar with. While adding a flashlight right into your holster. This revolutionary feature has eliminated the need to use optics, giving you the ability to keep your pistol on target and ready for action.

Light and Sturdy System

The light and sturdy system is made up of aluminum with a polymer body. The MCK
features a folding mechanism for the best position and can still be fireable when folded. No pistol disassembly is required just place pistol into the kit, lock, and go; Allows for multiple handgun models.

Fits: Glock G17, G19, G19X, G22, G23, G31, G32, G45 / Gen3 Gen4 Gen5
Will NOT fit rayless Glocks Gen1 or Gen2

8 Advantages over the first-gen CAA MCK Gen 2:

  • The CAA MCK Gen 2 utilizes a new extended stabilizer. Stabilizer which allows the user to fire the Gen 2 MCK in the folded and locked position. The fresh stabilizer is also compatible with both Gen1.
  •  The Gen2  accommodates suppressor height sights.
  • Rear door extends back an additional 15 degrees, making it easier to insert and extract the
  • The CAA MCK features a new charging handle that makes more surface contact with the rear of the
    handgun slide.
  •  Features an aluminum top Picatinny rail for improved stability, durability, and
  • The CAA MCK accepts CAA USAs new brass catcher, made especially for our latest generation MCK.
    (Sold separately)
  • Features an improved spare magazine holder that operates with a mag catch and
    magazine release button.
  •  Suppressor friendly and can accommodate a suppressor up to 1.38in diameter.

Top Features

  • No pistol disassembly is required. Place the pistol into the kit, lock, and go
  • Allows for multiple handgun models into one platform
  • Ergonomic Finger Groove Grip for more stability
  • Top aluminum Picatinny rail, allowing a combination of sights and optics
  • Side Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories, i.e., thumb-rests
  • Ambidextrous fast and easy handling
  • Right-folding stock arm brace for easy concealment and carry, locks in the folded position.
  • Now able to fire while stabilizer is in the folded position.
  • Front spare magazine holder for a faster reload
  • Built-in charging handle allowing for quicker assembly/disassembly
  • Exposed slide release for direct contact and easier use
  • Enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance

CAA MCK Gen 2 Measurements

  • Weight: 1.57 lbs
  •  Width: 2.48 lbs
  •  Height: 5.7 lbs
  • Length: 13.7″ – 22″

Advanced Upgrade Kit includes:

  •  Polymer-pair side rail thumb rests (MCKTHR)
  •  Push-button sling swivel (MCKPBSS)
  • One point sling (MCKOPS)
  • Flashlight that fits MCK & gen 4 Micro Roni 17 / 19 chassis (MCKFL)
  • Polymer front flip-up sight (MCKFBUS)
  • Polymer front rear-up sight (MCKRBUS)

What is the difference between MCK and MCK Gen 2?

In the MCK Gen 2 product line, one version is a NON-NFA product (which has a normal long stabilizer brace) and the other is an NFA product (which has a short stabilizer brace) (with stock). There are eight advantages of using the second generation MCK over the first version: 1. Another new feature of the Gen 2 MCK is an extended stabilizer, which allows users to fire the Gen 2 MCK even when it is folded and locked in the folded and unlocked positions.

CAA MCK gen 2 review


 I have uh a sling on here that is going to come with the swivel and the sling this is a pretty nice sling. It’s a one-point sling with bungees on both sides. You have the pop-up sights that are from mck. You can pick those up for like 30 bucks very similar to something like a Magpul mbus site. So that is nice you get thumb rest here it comes with two so you can put one on both sides.  That way, you are fully ambidextrous depending on how you want to shoot it like.
I said CAA MCK Gen 2 does come with that light on the front which is a really nice feature there. As you can see I had this outfit with one of the 33 round stick mags. That’s what I’m gonna leave in the mag well there. Then I just have the standard 17 round here up the front, of course, you could uh you could go with the drum mags you could go with two stick mags any magazine that’ll work with your pistol will work with the mck it does have some vent holes here on both sides that are just going to allow some of those gases and stuff escape one thing I will mention to you is that your gun is going to get super dirty trapped inside of this thing as you’re shooting so it may require cleaning a little bit more often but that’s fine I’ve run a lot of rounds through this thing.
CAA MCK gen 2 functions just fine I haven’t had any malfunctions with this at all and if you did have a malfunction you can you can tap and rack the same way. You would with the handgun you’re just going to use that charging handle instead of one other difference with the 2.0 versus the 1.0 is that. It is a  little taller here to accommodate suppressor height sights and other things. What a lot of you guys are going to be really happy about is that the 2.0 will accommodate a suppressed handgun so this whole front section here comes out that barrel shroud comes out and that’s going to accommodate any suppressor that you that will fit on your handgun will work with this so the 2.0  is suppressor-ready the 1.0 is not.

CAA MCK Gen 2 Range and Accuracy

So why would you want something like this why would you want to  put your handgun into a package like this the main thing is accuracy there’s no doubt that having  three points of contact is going to allow you to be way more accurate way more consistent than  two-handed shooting a handgun it also gives you the option of putting any optic you want on the  top-up here which is really cool so you’re normal
the effective range of a handgun is going to be 25 yards possibly a little further than that but it’s hard to be super consistent at distances  further than 25 yards with a handgun you slap that bad boy into the mck you instantly extend  that range out to possibly 200 yards depending on the optic you choose to use and that kind of  thing
it really basically turns that pistol into something very similar to an sbr type platform  and it does it at a very very cheap price and that’s the number one reason that you should  get an mck because of the price depending on the model that you get the mck is going to run you  somewhere between 200 and 300 dollars and that is just amazing so I looked for a long time to try to  come up with a good truck gun or backpack gun that kind of thing but I looked at some obvious options  building a really small ar pistol but that can get pretty expensive I looked at things like the CZ  scorpion but also that’s going to run you around 1200 bucks if you already have a pistol that’ll  fit into the mck two or three hundred bucks and you’re done you wanna add the accessory package  that’s gonna cost

Price and Bucks

You probably another hundred bucks but for 300 bucks. If you assuming you already have the pistol that’ll fit in there for about 300 bucks you are getting a package that is pretty close to or equivalent to a 1200 dollar package and that is really hard to beat I can’t think I mean the caa mck gen 2 should fall into pretty much anybody’s budget that’s one of the reasons this thing is so awesome it is made 100 in the USA it is definitely one of the most cost-effective pistol conversion kits on the market right now no doubt about it so let’s get this thing on the range and let’s do a little shooting with I all right that is the caa mck gen 2.
I hope you like it guys uh I just can’t think of any reason you shouldn’t get this especially since a lot of us may have just an extra handgun laying around that we don’t shoot anymore you could easily slap it into this mck system and it’s like having a brand new gun I love this thing if you have any questions guys please leave those in the comments down below if you haven’t done it already make sure you like to share and subscribe you can help support the channel and make sure we can do more videos like this by following us on Patreon you can also visit pilot patriot apparel to get you some really cool second amendment and patriotic t-shirts thanks for watching guys please like share and subscribe we’ll see you next time you.
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The CAA MCK gen 2 micro conversion kit system is a weapon light platform that provides improvedstability, increased range and faster aiming.

MCK CAA Gen 2 Glock Micro Conversion Kit