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B&T APC9K PRO 9MM 4″ BARREL 30+1 36045

MFG Part Number: BT-36045

The b&t apc9k pro is the next evolution of the allready existing APC Family. With the ambidextrous non-reciprocating charging handle and its other advanced features. It is the brügger thomet apc9k pro is the perfect choice for Police Duty. Therefore also an attractive weapon for sport shooting.

A layout about APC9K

Let me tell you something else it’s gonna be a good day. I can tell already guys welcome back this is Eric here with Iraq veteran 8888. Today got a very special PDW for you. This is a B&T APC9k pro 9mm the K version of the APC9k. I know why the military wanted these now because this is one sweet shooting gun.

I’ve heard a lot of hype about these things of course you know. I’m a little skeptical when I hear about all the hype that goes on with a certain platform you know. I went through it with the strai bog, I went through it with the CZ Scorpion. When when the hype was real on that you know kind of out there. But on this yes yes the hypes confirm this is certainly one sweet PDW. I got this particular one from the kind folks at Moss pawn & Gun Michele have one in stock and I was able to get one out here to do some testing with for you.

Here today really nice setup it does come with the Tri lug adapter. So we are running a trial ugh a mega 9k from Silencerco on this just to kind of take the edge off and that’s working quite nicely a fantastic little setup here. It is completely ambidextrous in terms of the layout of the gun.


  • Brand: B&T
  • Model: APC9 K Pro
  • Type: Semi-Auto
  • Caliber: 9MM
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Action: Blowback
  • Sight: Folding Low Profile Adjustable Sights
  • Barrel Length: 4″
  • Thread Pitch: 1/2×28
  • Overall Length: 13.58″
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • # of Mags: 1
  • Receiver: Polymer Lower
  • Packaging: Hard Case

EM Lock Rail Selection

you have ambidextrous magazine release bolt stop charging handle safety lever safety. It is very intuitive and a nice comfortable location. You would totally expect that to be in the trigger is fantastic on this particular gun very little take-up absolutely no Creek a super clean break on the trigger nice light trigger pool. So nothing to complain about there you have EM lock rail sections that can be removed.

I know that was one thing that chad and I were talking about here. Initially was that it comes with pieces of pic rail installed from the factory on the side of the receiver. You could totally pull those off of there and there’s my slot underneath. If you wanted to run like an Arisaka flashlight mount that’s an EM lot variety to be able to push your flashlight up a little bit.

Further hey bug get out here so you could do that. If you wanted to know the only issue with a weapons light hey pal. Let’s go now is that you could totally run a pressure pad but the only issue is because of the location of the charging handle. You wouldn’t really be able to get a weapons light like up on top you know.  I know some people like the top mount their pressure pads that’s something you probably wouldn’t be able to do.

You would have to come up with another solution or just reach up and turn it on. Because it’s a very short setup which is awesome this has a folding SB mp5 brace on it yes. So that puts it into a really compact package super compact running a Steiner Mrs.

b&t apc9k pro magazines

 Alright, b&t apc9k pro magazines you can get in the 20s and  30s the magazines are a little bit on the expensive side. Actually had a kind of a hard time finding magazines for this gun got on Big Daddy unlimited. They have a lot of great stuff for a really good price and I was able to get on Big Daddy.

And find some of these in stock and even though I got a great deal on these mags on Big Daddy. They still were like 36 or 38 bucks which is not a cheap magazine. So the magazines are a little bit pricey that’s just one thing that I happen to notice in terms of the overall cost of ownership now.


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