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The AK9 is a robust, high-performance, and sleek-looking automatic rifle. The AK9 assault rifle is yet another addition to the Kalashnikov-related series firearm. AK9  Rifle addition is related to AK47. But is highly differentiated from the newer AK-100 series models using the subsonic 9×39mm cartridge. The intriguing AK9 was designed and developed by the long-running fabled Soviet-Russian firm Izmash. The assault rifle was explicitly created to a Russian military requirement and was handed over to the Russian military in 2006.

Specification AK9 Assault Rifle

Type     Assault rifle

Place of origin   Russia

Service history

In service            Russian Special Forces

Used by many others.

Wars     Syrian civil war[citation needed]

Production history

Designer             Izhevsk machine-building plant

Designed the Early 2000s

Manufacturer   Izhevsk machine-building plant

Produced           2000s

No. built              Few hundreds (limited usage)


Mass    3.8 kg (8.38 lb) (empty)

Length 881 mm (34.7 in) (with suppressor)

Barrel length     200 mm (7.9 in)

Cartridge            9×39mm

Action  Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire         700–750 RPM

Effective firing range     400 Meters

Maximum firing range   424 Meters

Feed system     20-round detachable box magazine

Sights   Iron sights and various optical companies by the use of Picatinny rail or Warsaw Pact rail.

Review Of AK9 Rifle

The ak9 rifle is one of the most popular hunting rifles on the market. Therefore, it is chambered in the 9mm cartridge, making this rifle popular in Africa, Asia, and South America.  As Cuba’s name uses in other countries. Although it can be used for

  • target shooting,
  • hunting small game
  • and even personal protection

The AK-series rifles are used for specialty hunting, military roles, and civil defense Like The Ak17 Assault Rifle. The AK-style is a lined-up rifle that is built on a triangular bottom receiver. And has a bolt in the center. The bolt has a firing pin and recoils spring-loaded flutes. Therefore, help the weapon to be locked up with little trigger finger pressure. The rifle has a flat, smooth, and thick pattern with some specialized features like target fired in a semi-auto.


Style and Appearance: The basic design of the AK9 is straightforward. So, with a thumbhole receiver, short, curved barrel, and dual-feed system. The classic all-black triangle folding stock AK styling works for me. The Ak9 demands to be an SBR!

Reliability: Flawless with no sign of ever slowing down.

Customize This: Standard AK footprint (aside from the magazine well) leaves nearly endless customization options with replacement parts galore.

Accuracy:The AK9 overall is a pretty accurate and stable gun in all ranges. you can rely on the accuracy of the AK9 assault rifle



I mean, it’s okay for an AK. The grip isn’t my favorite

Long Barrel

Its barrel is a little longer as compared to other AKs.


Kalashnikov AK9 is a rock-solid four-star gun all day long, and the SBR version with an upgraded pistol grip would get an easy five stars from me. It is a fantastic pistol-caliber carbine/sub-gun. And it’s undeniably cool, to boot.

Kaliber AK9 Assault Rifle Adalah Senapan – For Superb Value For Your Money!

The AK9 assault rifle for sale comes with a new and innovative internal gearbox. It is the lightweight weight of its design and has excellent portability that allows you to use it either on regular basis or for special occasions. The weight of this rifle is around 47 ounces without the buttstock itself is much lighter than the normal rifles and submachine guns. The whole assembly is just under one and a half meters long, which is a huge advantage in this era of modern warfare. The new gears have been designed to give you the best performance with minimum effort and this is what the AK9 Rifle for Sale from the Tiger Woods company does.


The AK9 assault rifle for sale is available with different models and some of the models have been configured. So well that they are usable even if they are loaded down with live ammunition. The gun can be loaded right after it has been purchased from any suitable store and it will arrive at your address in good time. If you want to check the condition of the rifle before making any payment, you can do that too on the internet. The price range differs from one retail shop to another and you can check out the prices on various websites.


The prices range from lower-priced than a hundred dollars to around six thousand dollars and still rising day by day. This rifle’s prices mostly depend upon the features like its caliber, features like optics, magazine capacity, the sling of the rifle, and its finish. Meanwhile, the prices are also based upon its special functions and features like flash hider, silencer, and many other features. Certain retailers sell this rifle for a cheap rate because it is new in the market and some people may not use it for a long time. Those people go for the auctions and buy the Kaliber AK9 assault rifle Adalah seaman.


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