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AK 47


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AK 47 Rifle Abbreviation

The Ak 47 rifle also know as Kalashnikov or just AK. The Ak47 is a gas-operated assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The AK47 is one of the most popular Armalite rifles in the world. It has a reputation as an AK 47 rifle that people are familiar with, and today we will look at the AK47 and the advantages of owning one. We will also look at the specifications and features of this rifle. It’s a complete guide about Ak47.

All About  Ak47

Type     Assault rifle

Place of origin   Soviet Union

Service history

In-service            1949—

Used by the Soviet Union, many others

Production history

Designer             Mikhail Kalashnikov

Designed            1947

Number built     Over 100 million

Variants              AK-47, AKS, AKM, AKMS, RPK, AK-74, AK-101, AK-102, AK-103, AK-107, AK-108


Weight 3.8 kg (9.5  lb) empty, 4.3 kg loaded

Length  870 mm (34¼  in)

Barrel length     415 mm (16.3 in)


Cartridge            7.62 × 39 mm

Action  Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire        600 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity 710 m/s (~2,330 ft/s)

Effective range 300 m (330 yds)

Feed system      30-round detachable box; compatible w/ RPK 40-round box, 75-round drum magazine.

Sights   Adjustable iron sights, optional mount required for optical sights

All about Receiver

Receiver type description

Type 1A/B: Original stamped receiver for AK-47. -1B modified for folding stock. Namely, a large hole is present on each side to accommodate the hardware for the under folding stock. (this naming convention continues with all types)

Type 2A/B: Milled from steel forging.

Type 3A/B: “Final” version of the milled receiver from steel bar stock. The most ubiquitous example of the milled receiver AK-47.

Type 4A/B: Stamped AKM receiver. Overall, the most-used design in the construction of the AK-series rifles.

Review AK 47 rifle

Here is a review based on the pros and cons of the AK47.


  • It has increased recoil and less accurate as compared to modern rifles.
  • The AK47 firing speed is a little slower than modern Ars.

But since the charging handle is on the right side, most people will be able to use their dominant hand to rack it more quickly than the Car’s charging handle.

And because the round is more significant, there is increased recoil. But not so much that it would bother most (kids).

Lastly, the reports of the AK being inaccurate. It’s a little true, comparatively.

Because of the looser tolerances and piston system, AKs usually are good for “minute of man” at 300 yards…meaning you’ll hit a human-sized target if you do your part.


  • AK47 is easy to maintain and easy to operate; even kids can use it easily.
  • User friendly: When compared to other Assault Rifles, the Ak47 is much easier to train users.
  • And of course, it’s famous for its superb reliability.
  • The AK archives this due to its simplicity and use of loose tolerances.
  • Simplicity comes from using a long-stroke piston design that uses the gas from the round to move a piston and bolt carrier.
  • The gas doesn’t directly contact many things. It keeps things running cleaner (unlike ARs).
  • Everything is also significant and in charge, so there’s less possibility of small parts breaking.
  • Plus, while some things had tight tolerance, most didn’t like the bolt carrier and trigger mechanism.
  • AK47 build Built quality of the AK47 gun is solid as compared to many other guns.
  • It can take lots of environmental debris before something stops working.
  • Next, AK47 ammo size. The 7.62x39mm packs a bigger wallop with a larger caliber bullet (7.62x39mm) compared to the AR-15’s round (5.56x45mm)
  • AK47 AttachmentsLastly, though it doesn’t have as much upgrade capability as an AR-15… there’s still A LOT you can do to make an AK your own.
  • Overall AK47 is the best weapon.


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