Glock 43 vs 43X Comparison

Glock handguns are known for their concealed carry SHIELD ARMS features. Glock’s engineering gave us new pistols for concealed carry features and paired with the compact nature of single stack pistols.

After the introduction of the Glock 43 and 43X, the Glock 43 vs 43X has become a market leader of the marksman barrel. They provide us with quality handguns at a reasonable price. If you are not clear which one to choose, here is a detailed comparison between these two guns.

Glock 43 vs 43x measurements And Specs

Glock 43SpecsGlock 43XSpecs
Barrel Length3.41″Barrel Length3.41″
Overall Length6.26″Overall Length6.50″
Slide/Grip Length6.06″Slide/Grip Length6.06″
Width Overall1.06″Width Overall1.10″
Height W/ Mag4.25″Height W/ Mag5.04″
Avg Weight Loaded20.64 oz / 1.29 lbs.Avg Weight Loaded23.07 oz / 1.44 lbs.
Avg Trigger Pull5.5 lbs.Avg Trigger Pull5.5 lbs.
SightsWhite DotSightsWhite Dot/GNS/Ameriglo
FinishBlack nDLCFinishSilver nPVD

Glock 43x vs 43 Both Glocks Finish

Glock 43 vs 43X, Glock 43 is short in size and does not have finger grooves. It has some serrations on the backside to cover the groove problem, which provides grip. The polymer frame is provided like other handguns. Its slides have a black nDLC Finish for a sporty look.

The G43X is different in this aspect. It has a black nPVD finish on the silver side of the pistol. As we already know, the coating on the X series is different from other Glock handguns. Because nPVD is more capable of resisting corrosion and other chemicals.

Glock 43x vs 43 Ergonomics

  • Ergonomics is the defining factor of any handgun. These Glock guns have superior ergonomics, which makes them easier to shoot than other guns.
  • Glock 43X or Glock 48 fits easily in hands because it has a long grip. That is why it has a solid grip on hands, makes it easy to aim, hold and draw. 
  • If you have big hands, then they will fit easily in your hands. For smaller hands, it is a downside. G43 is best for smaller hands which makes it easy concealed carry.
  • Both pistols have a reversible magazine which makes them the best fit for lefties. They also perform better for righties, but lefties can feel comfortable aiming and holding.
  • Glock 43X has front serrations, which improve your grip. In addition, it gives extra comfort through its built-in beavertail. If you are a larger-handed person, then its built-in beavertail will give you extra for your larger hands. On another side, G43 will give you a slide bite.

Glock 43 vs 43X trigger distance

If you think trigger distance makes a huge difference, then you should consider it too. For example, the G43X has larger as compared to G43, which is 2.64 and 2.54 consecutively. So, a shorter trigger distance makes G43 better for small handers. And if you have bigger hands, then G43X is better for you.

glock 43 and 43x size comaprison

size comparison

Glock 43x vs 43 Shooting performance, Recoil, and Accuracy

Here we will compare the shooting capabilities of these two pistols.

Glock G43X has less recoil as compared to G43. Because G43X has a longer grip, giving you more control, which means less recoil, which means you can shoot efficiently. As we discussed already, G43X has a built-in beavertail, which gives you more comfort and control. It also removes the slide bite that you get on G43.

If you have smaller hands, then G43 can be fun to shoot for them because they do not need extra grip. But a shorter grip gives you less control over the gun, which makes you feel that the gun is popping out of your hands. But G43 also has less recoil. Accuracy is spot-on for both pistols. But G43X has the edge over G43 because of easy and faster reloading. It is because of the elongated grip.

Does a Glock 43X magazine fit a Glock 43?

Glock 43X magazine capacity was raised to 10 rounds in the initial OEM G48 / Glock 43X magazine options, but the single-stack architecture of the G43 was maintained. Those who were (or are) looking for backward compatibility between the G43 and G43X, similar to that between the G17 and G19, will be disappointed. A Glock 43X magazine will not fit properly in a Glock 43 magazine.

Magazine Release

For the record, a standard-capacity magazine for the G43 can only carry a total of 6 rounds of ammunition at a time. It’s possible that the fact that it just has a little quantity of magazine capacity may cause you to reconsider carrying it. If you opt to carry additional magazines, be sure to schedule some practice time between rounds to get more comfortable with the process. It is essential to get moving as soon as possible after receiving the call.


Glock 43x Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • In comparison to most other Glock models, this one is capable of accommodating a broader variety of hand sizes. Slimline frame assists it in finding that sweet spot, and the design is outstanding..
  • On the range, the G43X performs well with all 9mm weights. When it comes to accuracy, this handgun is not only accurate, but it is also precise. Groups created with a variety of different types of ammo are nothing short of stunning.
  • It may be hidden in a variety of outfits, ranging from cargo pants to slim jeans with tank top. The G43X is a well-designed and well executed machine in every way.
  • In the event that you have very big hands, the G43X may still be too small for you. It also features a barrel length that is similar to the G43’s barrel length, which does have an effect on its overall balance.
  • The 10-round magazine capacity isn’t terrible, but it’s also not as large as the 15 or 17 bullets that many gun owners desire. After all, worrying over a magazine change while your life is on the line does add an additional degree of stress. 
  • Because of its increased height over the G43, it is less effective for deep concealment and is a less ideal match for carriers with smaller frames.


Glock 43 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • On the range, the G43 performs precisely as anticipated, cycling all types of ammo in a consistent way and consistently delivering excellent groups in general. However, it does not have the same precision as other Glocks, but it is usually accurate.
  • The G43 can be readily hidden in a broad range of clothes, and because of its lower weight, it will not tip over or pull down shorts or yoga pants. It may also be used effectively in non-permissive settings when deep concealment is required. This depends on your body type and how you wear it.
  • It’s dependable, accurate, and concealable, and it’s chambered in a competent defensive caliber for self-defense.
  • Despite the fact that it is not as little as others, this is still a miniature firearm. It may not be a good fit for your hands, and it may be better left as a Back-Up Gun (BUG) or as an everyday Carry during the summer (EDC).
  • In terms of precision, the G43 does not measure up to the competition as a pistol, so if you are hoping for mind-blowing performance from your carry gun, this is not the firearm for you. The question of whether your EDC must be perfectly exact is one that is up for dispute.
  • Finally, a normal magazine for the G43 can only carry 6 rounds of ammunition. That isn’t a lot of magazine capacity, and it may be enough to make you reconsider carrying it. If you decide to carry extra magazines, be sure to devote some time to practicing your mag swaps between rounds.

The pros and cons of Glock 43 vs 43X are a little bit different level. So, let us jump into it.

G43 Pros

  • Size for concealment

43 vs 43x capacity

  • Glock G43X has a larger capacity as compared to G43, which is pro for G43X but a con for G43

G43x Pros

  • Shoot ability
  • Red-dot option

Glock 43x Cons

  • Size for concealment

Price of G43 vs G43x

Both pistols have somewhat the same price unless you buy a G43X MOS variant to add a red dot. Capacity is also an edgy feature so does concealment. So, it is totally up to you which feature you prefer.


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